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08 Sep, 2016
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As a community of learners, The Junior Study was started in 1994 in Udaipur as a co-educational institution with a view of providing broad educational opportunities to children. The Junior Study is committed to providing a safe and happy atmosphere, and a well-maintained environment for children of ages 3-11 years.

Just as a small drop of water makes its contribution in the formation of a mighty ocean, our school, too, tries to help in promoting the vast area of education to achieve the goal of creating good citizens and consequently a better society. We do not boast of being "The Best" but we do boast of "trying our best" to inculcate good values, foundations of which are laid in the early years.
Our Logo
Our logo is a symbol of our identity. The Junior Study environment nurtures the personal qualities of each child. The symbol represents growth of each student as an individual and not as replicas of each other. The inner square in the symbol represents secure and caring environment of the school for physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the students. The four connecting forms to the inner square stand for individual student's growth.
Our Vision
We at The Junior Study aim to provide a welcoming and caring environment in which all members of the school, regardless of their gender, class, religion or creed can achieve personal excellence. We encourage our students to be academically sound and enthusiastic but at the same time we urge them to be involved in as many activities as they possibly can. Both effort and achievement are encouraged and praised.
  • ★   Enable the child to develop the best inherent qualities in him/her
  • ★   Develop a broad range of skills e.g. independent learning, critical thinking, creativity and social skills
  • ★   Help to create a balance in personality: physically, mentally, morally, socially and emotionally
  • ★   Give them knowledge in language and numbers
  • ★   Employ devoted and capable staff, value their work and enhance their professional skills and capabilities.
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