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08 Sep, 2016
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Instructions for Parents
  • Parents can meet the class teachers between 9am and 10am on the following days:
    1. Classes Nursery to UKG - Every Saturday
    2. Classes 1 to 5 - Every 2nd and 4th Saturday
  • ★ The Acting Headmistress will be available to meet the parents/guardians every working day from 9:30am to 10:30am.
  • ★ Parents are requested not to make any telephone calls to teachers or visit them at their residences regarding school    related work.
  • ★ The students are allowed to leave the school during working hours (with an authorized person only) only in case of    an emergency.
  • ★ Teacher's Day, Diwali, Dussehra and Christmas are some of the occasions that we celebrate at the Junior Study. We
       also celebrate birthdays of our school children. Children may come in home clothes on their birthdays. We do not
       encourage children to eat lemon drops, toffees or chocolate. Only fresh fruits may be distributed, if so desired. No
       gifts should be sent to peers, teachers or management and supporting staff.
  • ★ In case children bring home things not belonging to them parents are requested to send them back.
  • ★ Sometimes children accidentally dirty their clothes. The school provides change of clothes. Parents are requested to
       send the school clothes back properly washed and cleaned within two days.
  • ★ Blades or sharp articles can cause hazards. Please see that children do not bring such articles to school.
  • ★ Application for leave of absence should be sent on time, mentioning clearly the name, class and section of the child.
  • ★ If you change your address or phone number, please notify the school office as soon as possible.
  • ★ No jewellery or make up is allowed.
  • ★ Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms during school hours except with the permission of the Principal.
Research shows that the most important thing you can do to help your child achieve at school is read with them. Little and often is the key!

There are three things that your child needs to learn to do:
  • 1.   Decode words!
  • 2.   Understand what they have read!
  • 3.   Enjoy it!
Reading with your child should be enjoyable. The more fun you have, the more likely you are to instill a love of reading. Encourage discussion with your child when reading with them. They will probably ask you some interesting questions, so don't be afraid to stop reading and explore these further.

Here are some tips for engaging reluctant readers:
  • Listen to audiobooks to get them interested in stories;
  • Show them that you love reading too. Visit the library together and choose some books for you and for them;
  • Go for something that you know will engage your child. Perhaps they are really into wildlife, so a non-fiction book may be a good place to start;
  • Ensure your child can easily access books in your home. Have shelves at child height and books in each room.
In a nut shell, please do the following:
  • Check diaries daily.
  • Sign the assignment done by the child before s/he submits it to the teachers.
  • Take advantage of the facility provided for meeting the teachers regularly.
  • Give constructive feedback/suggestions if any in order to regulate the work of the student.
All this is being in the interest of the children and full co-operation from the parents is expected.
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