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The tension parents go through in sending their children to school and bringing them back is relieved by our transportation facilities. We have our own school busses, which are safe and never overcrowded. The buses ply specific routes and children board them at allotted centers, where escorts are required to be present when entering the bus, and also in the afternoon when children come back home. Very young children are picked from their doorsteps, but in the event of narrow streets, they have to come to the bus centers. Auto-rickshaws and vans are hired and strictly controlled by us. Auto-rickshaws are meant for children living in the crowded and narrow streets of the town. The drivers follow the instructions given by the school regarding the route, number of children, keeping to time and safety of children.

Some parents use their own transportation to bring their children to school and to take them home. They have instructions for parking their vehicles. Parents have to introduce the person who will escort the child to the school daily, and also submit this information in writing. In case regular escort is not able to come on a certain day, another escort will be allowed to take the child only after he/she brings a letter of authority from the parents. This is a precautionary measure to ensure safety of the children.
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