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Title: After School Acitivities Viewed: 2158 times

Dear Parents

Often when we ask the children what they do after the school bell has rung the answer is that they go home, eat, quickly do their homework and then just watch TV or play computer games. This is very alarming as our children are not being exposed to creative activities and they are just passively sitting in front of the TV for hours and hours.

So why are extracurricular activities and after-school programs important? After-school programs are often seen as an effective way to keep children safe and supervised. It can be very important in helping them to develop many working skills, social skills, and more. One great benefit of your child being involved in extracurricular activities is that they will learn about time management and prioritizing things in their life. As adults we get very used to juggling a variety of different tasks and commitments. Our children need to learn how to do this as well, and getting involved in these activities can give them some practice at it. Getting involved in after-school activities also allows children to get involved in diverse interests, whether it is sports, languages or art. These activities allow them to explore various interests that they may have.

Many times, being involved in extracurricular activities helps to raise the self esteem of children. Everyone wants to find something that they are really good at, and extracurricular activities provide them with a way that they can get involved in something and really shine, giving their self esteem a boost. Children need to get involved in social activities and learn how to act in social situations. After-school activities are great for this as children are being supervised by adults.

It is important that kids don't get involved in too many activities but that they have a passion and commitment to a few activities which definitely builds character. There are definitely excellent benefits with after-school activities that the children will enjoy.

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