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Title: Young Talented Teachers Wanted Viewed: 1438 times

World today is a place where new things come in from all directions. It has become a place where learning cannot stop and to keep up-to-date on things, you will need to be aware all the time. Something that was new and cool yesterday, might be old information today. 

The Junior Study teacher candidates go through a rigorous test before obtaining a job here. They need to show their English skills and also prepare an assessment paper, followed by a demo-class. What has happened in the recent years is that the young, newly graduated teacher candidates have over-performed the older ones. The new, young generation is keen on learning and they are also more adapted to new ways of teaching. They have the latest information and they are also more tech-savvy. They're drawn to technology and less afraid of it than their parents' generation. They're also more likely to see the possibilities in emerging software such as games, simulations and classroom management software. 

Many experienced teachers have been reliving their first year of experience over and over again, even though it may be less than optimal and dated. New teachers can bring enthusiasm and new techniques to the classroom. The youngest, most recent university graduates are the most enthusiastic and bring with them the most current knowledge of educational practices and course content.

Having said that, schools need both youthful energy and seasoned wisdom to succeed over the long haul and on a broad scale. It is all about learning from each other and having the older and younger teachers together, working as a team.

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